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Cafcass and Child Arrangement Orders

Dealing with Cafcass

This guide deals with the Safeguarding Letter process which Cafcass undertakes on behalf of the Court in preparation for the FHDRA (first hearing dispute resolution appointment).

Metabolic Syndrome and Anxiety

Metabolic Syndrome, Anxiety & Me

Anxiety can be brought about for a great many reasons, from emotional distress to changes and behaviours aligned to modern, technology-driven, lifestyles. However, there maybe other reasons which feed into present-day life and the ways in which we feed ourselves. Metabolic Syndrome is now regarded as a precursor to Type II Diabetes.

Divorce and Child Arrangements

New Year: Thinking of Divorcing?

It is the time of year where lawyers make most of their money. The January onslaught of divorce case applications. Christmas is an evocative time of year. It can be a time of joy, but for many people, it is a time of abject misery. And with New Year resolutions, many marriages are brought to a close. Most of those marriages have been unhappy for a great deal of time and the New Year seems good time to face up to life beyond.

New Year, New Anxiety

New Year, New Anxiety

“I have had the worst year imaginable. I feel so empty now. I had planned to go see my family for the five day window over Christmas, and when the government changed it to just Christmas Day, it was not enough time to get there and back in a day. Now another lockdown. I feel like I am suffocating with restrictions and limitations. I have daily panic attacks which frighten me and occur at any time, for no reason. My heart is racing and I break out into cold sweats. Again, no particular reason.”


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